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Automotive sealing



Automotive sealing strip is mainly used with good elasticity and resistance to deformation, resistance to aging, ozone, chemical reaction, a wide temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ +120 ℃) ​​of EPDM rubber (EPDM) rubber foam Composite made with dense, containing a unique tongue-shaped metal clamps and buckle, durable, good for installation. With the major car manufacturers have long-term support.
Specifications: Recommended temperature range:
PVC material -20 ° F - 150 ° F (-29 ℃ - 65.5 ℃)
EPDM material -40 ° F - 248 ° F (-40 ℃ - 120 ℃)
Internal metal fixture materials: aluminum or steel

Manufacturing standards:
1, TB 1964-87 "passenger door and window seal testing methods"2, HG / T 3088-1987"rubber seal doors and windows of vehicles"

Schematic diagram of some products (other styles can be customized):

(diagram for reference only, specific product standards, please contact us) Telephone → :0319-8161711

Car door seal

There are dense foam rubber and sponge matrix tube. Dense gel containing the metal frame to strengthen the role of stereotypes and fixed. Compressive deformation of sponge soaked in possession, relief rally, and ensure the seal when closed. In addition, the lips part a decorative role. If color gel or paste form a fabric, colors more beautiful.





Door seal head Road

Door seal is a first channel section with the door seal with the use, it can be dense sponge rubber base with rubber lips, you can also soak the whole sponge rubber tube, to increase the seal between the door and body Effect.





Window glass guides

  Window glass is installed in the door guide groove of the seal on the window frame, generally composed of hard and soft dense plastic, and embedded metal skeleton, flocking in different directions on the lips can be reduced with the strips of glass between the landing and taking off Friction, as well as reduce the noise effect.




Article inside and outside the window

  Window at the bottom of the door frame seal flocking inside and outside, usually by a single species of rubber composition, can improve the appearance of the vehicle contour level.

Windshield Seal

  Seal around the windshield is installed in the front windshield and the seal between the window frame, from a single species of rubber extrusion, then pick from Kok Wai.

The front cover seal

  Body for the front of the engine casing with a closed seal.

Window glass guides

  Mainly by the rubber matrix and dense foam sponge rubber tubes, to ensure the sealing performance of the back cover is closed.









Product Aliases:


Trunk seal

Rubber composite seal

Car doors and windows sealed

U-decoration seal

Engine seal

Wind seal

Window glass seal

※ The above are typical products, our company can be customized.

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